Our Services

Murphy Painting and Decorating offer the following services:

  • Existing Domestic - Whether it's just a change of colour, repainting damaged substrates (i.e. ceilings or walls)or remodelling your home.
  • New Domestic - Where getting it right the first time is a MUST. We have the knowledge to apply the best primers or sealers prior to finish coats.
  • Commercial - Refurbishing of existing office space and retail outlets to make your business stand out from the crowd and create a harmonious, productive space for your employees.
  • Protective Coatings - Where protection for your property is required i.e. wear and tear, rust, UV exposure, non-slip surfaces, waterproofing etc.
  • Colour Consulting - Providing you with options to achieve the best possible colour schemes to enhance your surroundings.
We have had our renovation recently painted by David and his team. They were fantastic with the whole project from start to finish.
Lena & Paul, Menora